DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS


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New features and ideas that have not been listed in the other categories:

> Color scheme change

> Caller ID

> Reduce brightness of screen while paused for an extended period of time

> Indicate whether a show is NEW or REPEAT on the show information screen

> Have an option to only search and record/tune to NEW episodes of a show, * after show title indicates its a repeat and will not be on the search list as a result

> Record a show only based on show appearance and not by time.  This would solve the problem with recording only NEW episodes not having * after it because it would be based on the title of the show.  This would work hand in hand.

> Record to hard drive off air reception.

> Record to hard drive video surveilence.  Make it to where it sends a UHF command to record automatically when motion is detected.

> Have it to where if you record a live show instead of timer to turn off by itself after the show is complete. 
> To give an option while wanting to record a live show instead of a recording using a timer to record show until the end of the show.
> Banner highlight darkness change.

> Add Screensaver

> Watch show while downloading info from satellite.

> Click INFO on a Timer and have it tell me what is scheduled

> Have software that supports the 129 W slot

> Release the wireless keyboard

make wireless keyboard UHF  (can penetrate walls with cones)

> download a video into PVR events showing a demonstration on how to use the product and its features when they first become available in a software download along with the features that came downloaded

> Ability to add on external Hard Drive/CD-RW/DVD drives

> PIP application on 501 to where two tuners are not required, one picture for live tv, the other picture for playing back a PVR event.

> make a plug in module (connect to the serial port) that would add more memory and more advanced features

> Arrow keys on the on-screen keyboard aren't yet functional

> Have hardware made in the receiver that allows the video/audio to be sent to another tv wirelessly. (can be done with leapfrog)

> Have internal temperature sensor to have the option of viewing the temperature of the unit and to see the normal temperature range and a warning if it does go beyond the temperature range. Also have a history of the temperatures and time that it occurred. (Was available on 721 info screen but later taken out)

> show which tuner is in use

to block channels, words, phrases, and titles of shows from being veiwed or to be found in the EPG or in searches

> to have task scheduler for EPG downloads, software upgrades, future hard drive defragmentation, other functionalities


> Recyle Bin to retrieve deleted shows


> Allow the saved PVR Video files to be accessed providing a Linux, Windows, and Mac codec to read those files (and allow the codec to check over the wireless network) the smart card/access rights for playback.


> Add 802.11g to access said files


> Add future planning functionality - Would allow someone going on vacation to plan ahead the amount of days they have left before hard drive space would be filled up while away from receiver for an extended period of time, prevent hard drive fill up by telling how many hours each daily/Mon-Fri event would free up when deleted, allow certain events to not be recorded for a certain period of time (example - 1 week) until your return from vacation.

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