DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS


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New Ideas You Would Like To See For The Picture In Picture Feature (721 Only)

> The Swap button should be able to switch between the two tuners on the 721 without having to first use the PIP button (Can be done using red "i" interactive button)
> The front A/V should be viewed in PIP when used
> Put the channel number you are currently watching next to the PIP window when the guide is up ((Dishplayer does this)).
> one button swap without calling up the pip (Can be done with red "i" interactive button then the swap button)
> Buffer the unused tuner so PIP will come up right away (Can be done manually using red "i" interactive button instead of PIP button)
> Hear volume of PIP window while still in main screen without having to swap
> Change channels of PIP window while viewing main screen by channel number and up/down one channel at a time without having to swap
> Do PVR functions with the PIP screen while viewing main screen without having to swap
> Show closed captioning for the PIP window while listening to audio on the main window or vice versa

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