DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS

Electronic Program Guide

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New features and changes you would like to see for the electronic on screen Program Guide:

> use the web based Dish Network program guide to program your 721

> Guide should be able to display listings in alphabetical order (ascending or descending order)
> delete channels from the guide list
> Put the channels in the order wanted

> Adjustable font size to show more channels and info

> Have a new screen that shows the picture in picture like the guide only instead of Guide information show the pvr events, timers, menu screens, or other screens while watching tv in the corner of the screen

> Customize your own channel numbers to the channels and organize them together
> guide with color-coded timeslots -- where red shading would indicate the presence of an existing PVR recording during that time slot, and the existing blue would shading would be used when the timeslot is not already used by a timer event

> say you located a show you like, that you could hit a button on the remote and have it skip to the next occurrence of that show in the EPG
> have color codes to indicate the different themes
> fine tune the main guide, the single line description is a little hard to understand when they include only one or two words
> Adjust height and width of menu screen for 16X9 tv screens
> Change from picture in guide to no picture in guide formats without having to go through menu
> delete or change a scheduled recording while on the program guide rather than having to go to the timer list
> Show message "Recording will stop if you retrieve any more Guide data" when you want to download more Guide data into further in the future **1**
> Show program information with video (like dishplayer)
> While playing back a pvr event show the pause icon instead of showing a box with a message "Playback paused"
Make transparent so you can watch a show while viewing entire program guide
**1** no longer required to download information from satellite to acquire program guide after 7 day guide was released

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