DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS


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New features and changes you would like to see with the Timer feature which includes Once, Daily, Weekly, and Mon-Fri in which can be done by PVR, Auto-Tune, Reminder, and VCR:

> A complete list of all conflicting timers should be displayed to select which timer to delete
> Do away with flashing clock timer reminder

> Replace flashing clock reminder with a better one

> Add Sleep Timer
> Add Reminder (ex: scrolling message and sound for the food is done on the stove, or to go to an apointment)

> List shows in order of time to be shown

> List shows that will be recorded on a particular day

> Dump selected shows recorded on hard drive to VCR in a particular order at a selected time (in which one would be sleeping, be away from home, etc. so it would not interrupt normal tv viewing)

> View the title of the show
> Have Timer List put in a place where it can be accessed easier
> To read the guide and determine if the show is actually scheduled without having to scroll the guide to find a scheduled show
> Have a scrolling text reminder just like the one that appears on the Dishplayer before a show is recorded or asks if you want to change channels for a reminder instead of a blinking clock
> When you have a timer set for an upcoming program (and there is a clock on that program in the guide, indicating such), allow the user to select that program from the guide and edit or delete the timer info
> a numeric value of priority with a timer 1 for most important and 5 for least important as an example  for overriding a event conflict.
> a query based timer, or something that would record all shows matching the result of a fairly specific query, or a query with less than (n) resulting programs that do not conflict
> Add a selection asking the days of the week you would like that show recorded instead of having just the options M-F, daily, weekly, once
> hitting info on the highlighted timer would show the information of the show instead of event timer management help screen
> The column reserved for PVR or VCR needs changed to just one column having a single digit representing what it is for (P=PVR or V=VCR)
> The ability to set a timer on my home PVR from the Internet
> When daylight savings time occurs (time set ahead or set back by one hour) adjust the timers/events accordingly so that they will work appropriately.  At least give us an option to adjust all of them up or down by one hour as a solution to this problem
> skip repeating timers on a per-occasion basis
> setup timer based on name of show instead of time of show (season pass)
> if a timer would not be able to record any or part of an event then it would automatically find the next time the event is on and record it
> only allow one selection to be checked at a time (so when u r editing it will not say that two are checkmarked at the same time) 
> auto-protect a re-occurring timer - On the 501, you could auto-protect a 1-time timer, but you couldn't auto-protect a re-occurring timer. ((This is fixed on the 721))
> When you set up a PVR timer, the 721 uses a default of "start 1 minute early" and "end 3 minutes late". Both of these settings should have option to default to "zero"
> Automatic Conflict Resolution - If three or more shows conflict (i.e. are showing at the same time), it will record two based on the priority order that you have set. For example, a season pass for Stargate at the top of your list would have the highest priority for recording, while a season pass for 24 at the bottom of your list would have the lowest priority, in the event of a conflict.
> If you set up two timers for the same time and the receiver is on, when it reaches the time to start recording, a pop up box asks you if it's OK to take over the active channel for recording.  Make it to where you can have an option to automatically record in the PIP screen instead of not working at all if the receiver is on.
> when there is a confilct it could say something like
TUNER 1 timer set to record "a"
TUNER 2 timer is recording "b"
> on PVR recording screen-have it remember your last entry as a default on "start 1 minute early" and "start X minutes late" instead of the factory defualt
> Automatic Disc Space Management - Auto delete recordings based on days recorded or number of episodes recorded (example: evening news on a daily basis)
> a warning that the show's time has changed before the timer fires.  also indicate new time for show and allow to select that time to fire instead.
> tag a timer for automatic deletion after a specified time period

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