DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS

PVR Events

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New features and changes you have with the PVR Events screen such as organizing and how it shows the event:

> Password protect a folder or show for some special shows
> it would also be nice  if you did start watching a show and want to resume to know how much is remaining in the PVR show list...((Dishplayer does this))

> Separate Screens for Timers and Recorded Programs

> 2-D grid listing the show names down the side and then the episodes you have across
> Access your 721 online and set recordings while at home or away from home

> Over ride a normal timer for a one time show without having to delete the normal timer to do so.

> Show the amount of video time the audio music takes up of the hard drive instead of just the amount of time of the show (or show the amount of GB each event takes up to solve this problem)

> View all events on channel 1 (just like dishplayer)
> Make it so when you delete a recording, you don't always go to the top of the list (may be superceeded by #1 if it redraws the screen).
> Have ability to check the events that you want to delete to delete more than one at a time instead of having to delete one at a time
> Make it so you can "keep" x number of episodes of certain programs you record... example: I only want 2 "Baywatch", when a new one is recorded, delete the oldest one. (a boon for those of us with kids)
> two options for auto delete (1) keep X copies of this program and (2) keep each copy for X days
> Redo the screen to where it would show up like it would a program guide grid showing the channel time and date and in that order in which would organize the pvr events.
> play selected events automatically in a certain order
> rename events, if you like a song save the title as that song on the pvr events screen
> at end of event when the playback over screen comes up give choice to start from end or pause show right at the end of the event instead of having to start over again 
>events already started watching
to have icon next to them to show that they are
>Different colored icons have  particular color for event last watched
> Group PVR Events alphabetically
> a double click requirement for deletions (Most every computer related piece of equipment works that way)
> reask to delete  program, make default no (just like ppv movie purchase screens)
> download a video into PVR events showing a demonstration
> Sort through events by title, date, show length, channel, theme
> Give choice of how to sort the events (title, date, length, channel)
> indicate amount of time left on hard drive after the shows indicated would play once, by the end of the day, week, month, etc. (predicts when hard drive would run out of space)
> It should not say 'Start Over' or 'Resume' when you want to watch a show for the first time
> When trying to delete a protected show, there should be an option to disable it from asking you if you are sure you want it deleted.
> Organize into subject folders of user's choice


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