DISHPRO DISH PVR (DISH DVR) 501, 508, 510, 522, 721, 921 and 942 Video On Demand (VOD) FEATURE IDEAS


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Any new ideas for the Dishpro 501 or 721 platinum UHF remote are listed here.

>have the platinum remote have the capability to switch between address 1 and 2 in an easier way would be nice
>have the remote operate different satellite receivers, tv's and vcr's and have those codes stored in the remote and change them like you would the satellite receiver address
>create shortcuts to where you can press one button then another (example *  then number) to do a shortcut
>make these shortcuts customizable
>have a user friendly remote for older people (bigger buttons, simpler)
> Add the discrete power codes like have been added to all of the other Dish receivers

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