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PVR721 software upgrade coming in September

- PVR events sorted by date, name, or theme
- Timers sorted by name, frequency, type, or recording sequence
- Change channels while recording without having to go through PIP
Sneak preview of the JVC TU-PVR9000

- Collaboration between Dish and JVC. Built on the same chassis as the PVR721.
- 120GB hard drive records 120 hours of standard or 18 hours HDTV.
- 1394 interface (iLINK) with DTCP for connection to new JVC D-VHS VCR which can record from the 9000 or play D-Theater tapes.

Shares a lot with the 721
- CallerID with History
- 2 tuners with PIP
- PVR functions also work on HDTV channels
- Optical digital audio output
- 7-day EPG
- More! Available in late Fall

Next Charlie Chat is Mon Sep 9, 9:00pm Eastern

PVR501/508 software

- Will send another SERF (Stealth Event Record Feature) video
- Timer and recording management. Can edit a timer by pressing Select from EPG.
- Manage events in PVR list, sort by name or date
- Saving viewed programming
- "Go to live" warning when trying to change channels while viewing the pause buffer
- Can rewind from Playback Over
- Local channels mapped to the OTA channel number
- Video to be sent this Tues night. Receiver must be in stand-by (aka OFF), have at least 1/2 hour of free space, and have no timers set for that unspecified time. The video has the lowest recording priority. Once recorded it can viewed, deleted or saved like any other event.


Local channel re-mapping

- Available on all OpenTV models
- Makes locals easier to find
- Channel can be selected using the OTA number, 700/800 range or 8000 range
- Channels are not duplicated on the satellite and do not take extra bandwidth that could be used by other channels. It just provides more ways to select the channel.

They talk about the 501/508 Search feature but don't say what's new (punctuation is ignored so looking for SG1 will match on SG-1.)

Easy Remote

- Available this Fall.
- Has larger buttons.
- 2 new buttons for selecting Antenna or Dish viewing, only works when using RF hookup. After being set-up, the Antenna button will tune your favorite OTA channel and the Dish button will tune to Ch 3 or 4.


Interactive TV

- 4900 has Dish Home
- 3900 has Dish Home, gets Customer Support this week
- 501 has Dish Home, has Customer Support, gets Zap2it and Horoscope soon
- 301 gets upgrade in September

Several exciting features already here or coming.

- Sports: Soccer introduced 6/19, baseball on 7/2. Both provide scores and headlines.
- Games: Rotated monthly, $5/mo subscription. Current free game is Solitaire. Paid games are Chess, Golf, 3-Pointer, The Wall. Coming Aug 14: Race, Extra Ball (pinball), Strike (bowling). Free game will be BlackJack. Future games are Johnny Megatone and Talisman.
- Dish Lottery: added 7/31. Results and jackpots for several states. Can't buy tickets through Dish.
- My Scores: Personalized sports scores, track your favorite teams.
- Customer Support: Access your account, pay or view bill, add programming. Unsubscribed channels will show as green instead of red on the EPG; pressing Select will take you to the Add Programming screen.


Echostar 8 (E-VIII)

Launch was delayed due to a broken command module. It is set to be launched from Pad 23 at Baikonour, 6500 miles away, on Tues Aug 20. Will go to the 110 orbital slot. Has Ku-band and spot beams, additional service for AK and HI. Launch to be broadcast on Ch 101 at 12:30am (time zone not given).

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