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  501, 508

P 1.35 P 1.36

(1) 2 day guide changes to 9 day guide
(2) In Program Guide mode Skip Ahead skips ahead 24
hours at a time
(3) In Program Guide mode Skip Back skips ahead 24
hours at a time if you are ahead in the Guide
(4) Hitting RECORD on a highlighted live show on the Program Guide will record it to the end of the show instead of recording until the hard drive is out of space
(5) Program Guide is accessable while recording
(6) Edit timer while timer is active so you can extend the recording time
(7) Hitting RECORD in current show browse mode begins recording that show is coming on next
(8) Hitting RECORD in next show browse mode asks to record show on pvr or vcr


--- P 1.53 ---


- It now lists the number of events recorded.

- Cosmetic change for duration, event previously listed as 1 hr now listed as 01:00

- New buttons added: Manage & Name Sort, Date Sort

- Manage allows you to protect, unprotect & erase various recordings at the same time.

- Name Sort allows you to lists the events in alphabetical order.

- Local Channel Mapping (02-99)

- Light Up Dish Button Now Active

- Manage events, if you have a password set, requires you to enter in the password.

- FIXED-Search. Now, searching for YUGIOH will bring up matches for the program name Yu-Gi-Oh!

Erasing a PVR recording brings up a confirmation dialogue box.

- There is now a customer service option from the main menu, but it isn't activated yet.


  • Slow-Motion
  • Frame Advance
  • Sort timers by name or time
  • Record options pop-up for Record to End, Record past End, Record Weekly, Record until manual stop





Fixes the random crash (reboot) error while entering caller id history

Fixes the communication problem the 721 had when connected directly to a DISH Pro TWIN/QUAD


BUG FIXES..........

- Kick to Live Bug is gone (No more being thrown to Live Mode when watching a delayed show)
- Automatic Switch to unused Tuner (instead of going to PIP then SWAP to get to the second tuner)
- Many Timer Bugs Squashed
- Black Out Error on Adult Channels fixed
- Time left on view banner is now accurate instead of displaying 0:00


- Slow Motion
- Frame by Frame advance
- New Games
- New Color Scheme in Guide and Menus
- New Guide Mode (Transparent & Normals modes)
- PVR listing sorting (By Name or Date)
- Timers can be sorted by Occurrence, Theme etc...
- New On Screen Keyboard (Dish and Original)
- The Ability to shut off the Time Icon
- Receivers Temperature is listed on the Sysinfo screen
- Low Battery Support
- Ability to adjust the screen position of the menus
- New Search (New Layout)


Things Fixed over L1.09
If you are viewing a PVR event and you press channel up/ down, you should go to the last viewed live service
When you press record in full screen video, provide the option to record the entire event added. If the entire event is not available in the buffer, this option is grayed out
Key repeat changes (one key xmit per button push for non-blue navigation buttons)
Changes to fan on/ off algorithm, fan on at 50 degree / off 42.5 degree C
Allow the user to safely cancel/ stop a check switch operation
Fix for editing a repeat timer and not having it start until initial time has past
Skip FCC Slate Channels When Channeling in View Mode
Fix for bug where the name of the previous event is displayed in the PVR catalog if start more than one min early
Fix bug where no audio on international language channels on 61.5
Fix bug where caller ID can be disabled following a call home
Fix bug where if have over 65 active timers can not enter PVR screen/ some times causes a SW crash
Fix bug NBA/ NHL channels do not appear in the guide all sub list
Fix bug unsubscribed NBA/ NHL channels pop-up displayed incorrect. Should be the to subscribe call 1-800-333-DISH
Add support for discrete on /off remote keys

***Interactive Weather and Triple Timer Conflict Coming in the next software version***


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